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Just Gettin Started

by Rick Parma

Released 2005
SRP Records
Released 2005
SRP Records
Smooth Jazz mixed with Hip Hop, Funk, Pop, and R&B.
Born, raised, and still residing in Chicago, Rick Parma is continuously setting a new standard for saxophonists everywhere. At just 27 years old, Rick has exploded with his 2nd solo album to be released in January 2006. With superb tone and fierce playing style, Rick has taken smooth jazz to a whole new level. The album is all over the spectrum of genres, from hip hop, rock, Latin & dance, all deeply entrenched with a smooth jazz feel. Rick started his journey as a freshman at Thomas Kelly High School where he would soon find his first love... An old beat-up saxophone left to him by a former tenant in the house where he lived. Rick began to learn how to play in band class. He would turn on the radio at home to WNUA (the smooth jazz station) and try to mimic his musical mentors such as Dave Koz, Kenny G, Warren Hill, Richard Elliot, and David Sanborn. In his sophomore year, he made it to second chair in the concert and marching band and made a lot of friends that would be with him through the
next few years. His teacher, Mr. Bob Novalich, recognized his talent and made him first chair. Later that year, Rick started to play on the worship team at New Life Community Church where he still continues to attend. Rick has been performing all over Chicago land with a variety of different local groups. But one day he just new it was time to break away. He is now one of the most sought after sax
players in Chicago. From session work to live performance to solo albums. He is always ready to put on show for his fans. Saxman becomes an entirely different person when that sax is in his hands. Without the sax he is a laid back, easy going guy. Put a sax in his hand, and he transforms into this energetic, in your face, intense crowed pleasing performer.
Saxman works a crowed like no one else you'll ever see. An up close and personal
performance is just one of the many things you can expect when Saxman performs. Chances are, if your anywhere in saxman's reach he most likely will come right up to you and make you feel like it is a concert just for you. Saxman hopes to see you soon at a show in your area. but until then just sit back and relax to the smoothest sounds in smooth jazz today.

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