Chocolate Cake

Rick Parma

Rick Parma has done it again with another album that shows his wide variety of style. Chocolate Cake is the most diverse album of tracks that range from dance, Rnb, Funk, Soul, and Rock.

From Dance, RnB, Funk, Rock, Pop, Trap and more this album has it all. Rick uses the amazing talents of his closest friends to create the most dynamic Instrumental album ever. The diverse style choices are un believable. Rick called on his long time friend Matthew Kerr to produce tracks that Rick then morphed into a polished music experience that you've never hear before. There are so many great artists that contributed to this album starting with the few featured artists Dean Grech, Ginetta's Vendetta, Willie Bradley, and of course Matthew Kerr. Contributing artists Taiki Tsuyama, Gail Jhonson, Tj Fisher, Hans Zermuehlen, and more.

This album will get you in the mood... What ever mood you want...

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